Okay so if you’re a lipstick fan, especially a MAC Lipstick fan, you should already know this is the hottest lipstick out right now. I went to the mall in my area that has 4 MAC stores/counters (yes, 4!) and all were completely sold out.

Candy Yum Yum was first sold at MAC in the 2011 Quite Cute collection and completely sold out in record time. The color was brought back and made a permanent color in Dec 2012.

The shocking pink color of this lipstick is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on a tube (or two)! I plan to mix it with my favorite MAC liner in Magenta. I hope it looks as good on as I’m thinking in my head.

I will definitely return with reviews and pics once I get my hands on this gorgeous color.

This lipstick is $15 USD and can be found where MAC Cosmetics are soldMAC Cosmetics



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