Beauty Must Have: The Perfect Red Lipstick

Many women think they can’t wear red lipstick because its too bright, too strong, doesn’t go with their skin tone, etc. But what most don’t realize is that finding the perfect color may take some time like finding the perfect pair of jeans. Just because the most popular colors don’t work for you, doesn’t mean you can’t wear red; you just can’t wear THAT one. I remember when I was looking for the perfect red lipstick years ago and I tried on every red lipstick MAC had until I found the perfect color for ME. So, with that said don’t give up! Also, when it comes to the search, I prefer to visit an actual department store counter vs. buying from the drugstore because you can actually test the product. Occasionally I do buy drugstore brand lipsticks if the color is right. Once you become familiar with what colors look good on you the search will get easier.

-Those with warmer skin tones should try reds with an orange undertone and cooler skin tones should try reds with pink or blue undertones.
-Use a lip liner before applying the lipstick. This will help stop the color from bleeding around the lips.
-Adding concealer to your lips before the liner and lipstick evens out the color of your lips for an even application of the red lipstick.
– To give your red lips an extra pout, throw a red gloss on top!

Now, onto my new favorite red lipstick…Ruby Woo by MAC! Gosh, how and why have I been sleeping on this wonderful lipstick?!?! If you’re looking for the PERFECT matte red, this is it. I remember this color years ago, but I passed on it for Viva Glam and MAC Red and now I’m kicking myself. I could’ve been rocking this a long time ago. I can definitely see myself buying this again and again. This will be my go to lipstick for everything going forward (unless it really doesn’t go with my outfit).

Here are two pics of me wearing the lipstick earlier this week. I paired the Ruby Woo below with an NYX lip liner in Red. This lipstick was the just the POP of color I needed with my black and white top. Such a classic combo.

Tip: This is a MATTE lipstick, so please be sure your lips are nice and smooth, otherwise it won’t look good. Take the time to exfoliate if you can.



Thoughts? Suggestions?

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