Beyonce’s New Haircut


For those of you who may live under a social media rock (meaning you don’t eat, live, breathe social media like I do), Beyonce has a new hairstyle. No more long golden/blonde locks that we have grown to know and love. So this morning I was checking Instagram as I usually do and saw everyone going crazy over three pictures. Apparently while I was sleep, Queen Bey uploaded three pics of her new haircut. When I first saw the pic–posted by someone who is not Bey– I thought it was a joke. I went to Bey’s page and saw that it was in fact, very real.

Of course with her uploading these pics, there were comments about whether or not she looks good with long or short hair, fans saying “omg I’m crying”, and people debating whether or not is or isn’t her hair. To me, this looks likes her real hair, but Bey also has enough money to buy/ create a really dope, short weave, so I don’t know.

Outside of the hair, I noticed her flawless skin, slight cat eye, white nails and peachy pink lip color. Overall FLAWLESS. Giving us everything that is Queen Bey!

What are your thoughts on Bey’s new haircut?

Check out the rest of her Instagram pics below. (Pics are courtesy of @Beyonce Instagram)




Thoughts? Suggestions?

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