5 Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Guy

Ladies- Have you decided what to buy the love of your life/man in your life/boo thang for Valentine’s Day? If not, let me help you.

Now, I know most of the Valentine’s Day commercials cater to buying gifts for us ladies (ooh I love a good gift!), but our men need to feel loved/liked/lusted after too. Check out some of the items that I think (and my male friends agree) would make cool gifts for your guy.

#1. iPod– for the guy who needs an iPod or and iPod upgrade, this would make a great gift. But, don’t just buy any iPod and gift it to him, take the time to engrave it with a cute saying, nickname or something sweet and I’m pretty sure engraving is free. Last but not least, add a special playlist to the iPod. Include 10 or so of your favorite cute love songs. iPods range between $49-$299


#2. Tickets to his favorite event(sports, concert etc.) Please choose a team event that you KNOW he is interested in and if it’s a basketball game, don’t be mad when he wants to take his homie instead of you (unless you’re just as into sports as he is).


#3. Birch Box– boxes similar to this have been extemely popular lately. Basically Birch Box is a monthly service that will send trial size products that men love. The good thing is The Birch Box service is for men and women, so while your ordering a box for your man snag one for yourself. It’s the gift that keeps on giving until you cancel. Birch Box membership is $20/month.


#4. The Art of Shaving– For the man who shaves this is a great store with awesome shaving products. If you visit the site they even have Valentine’s day gift suggestions. You can buy him the perfect midsize shaving kit for $60 like the one below.

art of shaving

#5. A Handmade card- this gift can be combined with other gifts or given as a separate gift with his favorite candy. If you’re not the arts & crafts type, buy one of the old school Valentine’s Day cards (the ones we gave out in elementary school) and give it to him. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness, cuteness and cheesiness of the card.

vday card

I hope this post gave you some cool ideas that you hadn’t already thought of. I hope he likes whatever you get for him!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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