MAC Cosmetics & Rihanna: RiRi Hearts MAC Collection


Last week I woke up to some very cool news in my Instagram news feed, Rihanna and MAC cosmetics have collaborated for a RiRi Hearts Mac Collection. Now, I’m not a ride or die Rihanna fan, but I appreciate her fabulousness whenever she steps out the door. She rarely disappoints on the fashion front which is why I’m excited about this collection.

There will be a total of 31 products between 4 different collections released throughout 2013 with the first beginning May 4th and May 5th at Rihanna’s Brooklyn concerts with MAC pop-up shops. So far, the one color makeup enthusiasts like myself are going crazy over is RiRi Woo;  Rihanna’s version of MAC’s Ruby Woo. This color will be in all 4 collections. I’m interested to see how this color because a lot of times the color looks completely different online than in person. Aside from the colors, I’m totally loving the gold packaging. If you want Raychl to buy your item, wrap it in gold lol. That’s how MAC got me a few summer collections ago when Refined Golden Bronzer was first released. I’m all for #AllGoldEverything (Word to Mr. Trinidad James lol)

Honestly, I can’t think of a better MAC/celebrity collaboration for an entire collection than Rihanna. She’s fierce, fabulous, and just doesn’t care!

When this collection goes on sale, I highly advise you to order as soon as you see it and don’t think twice because it will sell out in record time.

Here’s a link to a more in-depth article about the MAC Cosmetics and Rihanna collaboration.